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Töfrun the Islandic horse ,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Töfrun
Age: Seven years olf
Gender: Female
Kind: Islandic horse
Home: Lütkenwisch, Brandenburg, Germany
   Hi , this is Töfrun. This little, cute, black mare lives on a big pasture with her horse friends in Lütkenwisch, Brandenburg, Germany.

     Usually the foles of islandic horses are very shy but she was very friendly and clinging from the begining. When she was two years old I could even sit on her back when she was lying on the ground . Every times someone comes near to her pasture, she comes running and wants to play. This winter there was a frozen puddle on her paddock and she loved to slide around the whole day. But then her friends Lesir and Epona came to join her. Now the fun was over, because their weight togeether was to much for the ice and they broke through . They were lucky because the water was only a foot deep and no horse was hurt . I love my Töfrun!

Töfrun the Islandic horse ,  the Pet of the Day Töfrun the Islandic horse ,  the Pet of the Day

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