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Cookie Monster the Standard Donkey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cookie Monster
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Donkey
Home: Palermo, North Dakota, USA
   Cookie Monster loves attention, children, and his treats. He got his name because he loves cookies, especially Shortbread coookies. He also will give rides to children all day long, two or three children at a time.

     Cookie is not our first donkey. When we lived in Florida before we moved to North Dakota we always had donkeys. We used them as protection donkeys, for our livestock as where we lived there were lots of predatory coyotes and even a few wolves that would kill the calves and baby goats. Donkeys will keep them away, even kill them if they can corner them. However, only Jennies are good for that purpose. They have the maternal instinct of protecting their own babies, the males don't really care, so when the jennies have jenny babies, you keep them for that, the jacks you retrain for another purpose.

     After we moved here we were experiencing the same problem so my husband went back to Florida and bought Cookie and his mother. He also got three Jerusalem Jennies and brought them back. Cookie and his mother were kids' pets before we got them. They were owned by an elderly couple who kept them for their grandchildren to play with. They had to sell them as their health was declining and they were moving into assisted living. Cookie Monster was named by the grandchildren after the Sesame Street character because he loves his cookies. His favorite by far is shortbread cookies, but he will eat about anything anybody offers him. He also likes the horse treats you can buy, even dog treats. He will do about anything for a treat. I don't know if he was taught any tricks but I am sure you could teach him about anything you wanted to using treats as reward. I use them to get him to get in the horse trailer when I want to take him someplace.

     Cookie has an extremely friendly personality, loves attention and people, to the point where he gets jealous if you are brushing or paying attention to the other donkeys. You have to tie him up if you want to do something with the other donkeys because he will squeeze himself between you and the other donkey if you don't. He will stop what he is doing and come to greet anybody who comes into the barnyard. Let's just say he is not one little bit standoffish.

     This is my friend Julie playing with him last summer. She has a riding program for handicapped people, and she was teaching him a walk/trot barrel racing pattern that day.

Cookie Monster the Standard Donkey, the Pet of the Day

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