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Cupid the Wedding Dove, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cupid
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Wedding Dove
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   My name is Cupid, and I'm a Wedding Dove! Ever see people release white birds at special events? That's me! I'll tell you a secret - I'm a pigeon and not a dove at all, but 'Wedding Dove' sounds prettier than 'Wedding Pigeon.'

(Editor's note: Cupid, you are both! Your species, Columba livia, is called both the Rock Dove and the Rock Pigeon, and even the ones people call fancy pigeons are your same species.)

     I'm a special bird in lots of ways, but I'm extra special! I have a neurological disorder that makes it hard for me to walk, and I can't fly at all. Some people would call me disabled but I'm really not. I have friends, like my BFF Phoenix the Silkie Chicken, and I get to have adventures in the garden, and my pet-mommy lets me play in the rain! I love the rain! But she has to keep an eye on me when I do, because if I get too cold then I need help getting back to my coop.

     I have a big coop all to myself with a special heated floor. I can't really stand up, so I sit on my tail. This looks pretty funny and makes my tail all dirty, but it works! I wanted to be honored so I could tell lots of people that disabled pets have just as much love to give as any other. And personally - I think we're the best, because there's no other pigeon like me!

Cupid the Wedding Dove, the Pet of the Day Cupid the Wedding Dove, the Pet of the Day Cupid the Wedding Dove, the Pet of the Day Cupid the Wedding Dove, the Pet of the Day

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